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Get Your Natural Health Food Products Discovered by Retail Buyers from Around the World and Get Exposure 24 Hours Per Day in the Most Cost Effecient Way


Are you looking to get more qualified retail buyers or want to expand to USA and China?


The COVID-19 lock down has changed the way businesses are run, including how retail buyers are searching for your products. According to recent research by McKinsey, more than 75% of B2B buyers and sellers prefer online interactions over face-to-face interactions.


Moreover, the majority of buyers don’t want to return to the usual way of running their business. Convenient self-service, time saved on travelling, safe payments, and a fast way of closing deals makes this online B2B Marketplace so popular.


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Say Goodbye to Traditional Expensive Stressfull Exhibitions, Say Yes to the New Virtual B2B Market Place with Unlimited Opportunities


Are you overwhelmed of all the unqualified buyers coming to your boot at the same time? Have you felt completely exhausted or feeling wasted time after standing the whole weekend at the exhibition? Or maybe you have wasted money and opportunity, because your boot was placed far in corner with low foot traffic?


We have good news for you! Buy Canada Food is the leading B2B Canadian Platform where world wide retailers and Canadian Food Suppliers get connected and grow their businesses together.


You no longer need a bigger boot to get more visibility. Whether you are a big or small manufacturer, Buy Canada Food gives every vendor an equal opportunity to showcase their products. Make your products visible to thousands of retail buyers. Get exposure worldwide exposure as well.  


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Top 5 Cost Saving Ways For Manufacturers:

· No need to setup expensive boots anymore costing you thousands of dollars

· No need to travel all to way to the exhibition and carry all your products with you

· No need to hire promoters and pay your staff to stand the whole day anymore

· No need to repeat explaining your products to buyers hundreds times until you get a sore throat

· No need to waste printing and giving out hundreds of flyers

Top 7 Reasons To ShowCase Your Products at BuyCanadaFood :

· Leading Retailers and E-Retailers can find your products 24 hours/day

· Expand your Market to USA, China and Europe

· Within minutes, Buyers Can Find Your Products Through Few Clicks or Searches

· Get Brand Awareness at Our Leading Online B2B Food Market Place

· Increases Your chances of closing good deals

· Easily upload and manage your entire product catalog

· Keep track on all orders and the overall demand for your products in a single online platform.

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Why Your Buyers Want to Find Your Products at


1. Retail buyers are overwhelmed by the thousands of different boots in a exhibition, they want to find the right products at their own convenience online

2. Retail buyers love to find multiple products from different vendors at the same place with just a few clicks at any time  

3. Retails buyers prefer to work at home or office, which enables them to compare product features and search for the best offer that fits their speficic needs

4. Retails buyers don’t like to be sold at the exhibition, but they want to know more about your product

5. Online marketplaces give buyers access to a complete list products, which enables them to research and compare product features at scale

6. Enabling buyers to have access to all manufacturers in one single online platform


What are you waiting for?

Retail buyers are ready to spend from $50,000 to $1 million online when it comes to B2Bpurchases.


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Open Your Brand Store for FREE at the most Popular B2B Canadian Food Marketplace


The latest trends in the B2B industry show that majority of manufacturers are shifting online and looking for ways to sell their products and services on the internet. This creates room for you to open a brand store at our No1 food B2B Marketplace.


Get the most benefits by being the first mover, so the retail buyers can find your earlier.

Consider Buy Canada Food as your marketing partner


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Top Ways to Grow Your Natural Food Business with this Innovative B2B Marketplace  



More B2B Customers Can Find You with A Few Clicks Only 
Public-facing catalog pages is a powerful way to reach new B2B customers. Your future buyers not only prefer to shop online but will demand it. More B2B buyers head online to find the best prices, manufacturers and distributors can leverage the power of the search—and therefore, ready to index—pages of their site to locate new visitors and convert them into customers.


Increase Credibilty by Geting Customer Reviews

Have you ever wasted many hours trying to convince potential buyer that your product is the best? Talking at an exhibition or on the phone is very exhausting without credibility. Now you can boost your credibility by having lots of products reviews at Buy Canda Food.    

Buyers can now quickly see that you product is the best.  


Reach New Customers and Markets Outside Canada

Buyers no longer need to travel to a tradeshow to find your products. Your products will be visible around the world 24 hours per day, helping you serve a wider international market through Buy Canada Food platform.


Improved Search Engine Rankings for Your Brand Store

SEO efforts can be tough, tedious and getting traffic to your website may be difficult at times. Buy Canada Food is an SEO friendly website, that can give your brand store a  boost in web traffic. Consider this as easy shortcut to getting on the first page of Google.


Your Team Get Improved Sales engagement  

Your physical sales team will also benefit from the launch of a comprehensive ecommerce effort. Buy Canada Food online portal will improve your sales teams’ visibility into customer orders, pricing, and history while on the road or working remotely.


Automated Cross-Selling and Upselling To Increase Sales  
This B2B E-commerce platforms has build in automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendation program, offering relevant suggestions to buyers on the site and encouraging them to purchase related items or items with more features and functionality.


Analytics To Help Your Team Make Better Decision
Unlike traditional tradeshows, Buy Canada Food allows you to make quick and better with our online analytics. You can easily measure and evaluate marketing campaigns, sales effectiveness, product mix, inventory turns, customer sales effectiveness, and customer engagement. It gives you much more valuable data with actionable insights.



How To Get Started




1. Creat Your Own Brand Store and Showcase your products

Your brand profile is a customizable digital selling sheet that highlights key products, benefits, branding, blogs in a single place.


2. Get discovered by Retail Buyers

Buyers use BuyCandaFood platform to find new products, review the price and product features. Your products are placed in front of relevant buyers in your category.


3. Connect and do business

Buyers contact you directly on BuyCanadaFood to start conversations, request samples, and place wholesale orders.